Monday, July 4, 2011

My 1st Neon Polish!

Well, my 1st neon polish since my 1980's childhood! :)

I found this little beauty at Rite-Aid yesterday. This is also my 1st experience with the brand, Jesse's Girl... this one is called Beach Baby. It's a bright, neon medium-pink. Once on the nail it looks dark pink indoors, but in sunlight, it has a very citrus-y, neon quality to it. It dries to a beautiful matte and the nails take-on a really cool, almost plastic-like quality! I wish I had taken a picture of it matte, but I did the mani last night & was too impatient to wait for the natural daylight! ;-)

The name "Beach Baby" inspired me to add palm trees & hibiscus flowers on accent nails. 

I added one coat of Seche Vite and it gave the nails an entirely different look, so glossy & bright! Gorgeous! :)

(This last pic was an afterthought... I realized that I hadn't taken a pic of the flowers. Please excuse the messy edges & tip wear... it's been a busy day.) 

base colors: Jesse's Girl Beach Baby
stamp color: Konad Special White
image plate: Konad m29

♥ Stacey

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