Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hello!! :)

Okay... I'm a Katy Perry fan, & this song has been stuck in my head all night:
Thus... my peacock-inspired mani! :)

I wanted to try to mimic the look of a peacock train, so here is a pic of the lacquers I used (I will list them at the end of the post):

I started out with a water marble, rather than the usual solid base color. I used Wet 'N Wild Sage in the City, Wet 'N Wild Teal or No Teal, and Confetti Centerstage.

After marbling all of my nails, I used Konad Special Black polish to stamp a sort-of peacock feather shaped pattern on every nail. I used Bundle Monster image plate BM-212. (Note: when you clean your image plate between stampings, make sure your plate is completely dry & free of NP remover before you start on your next nail... I didn't & that's why my middle finger is kinda "smudgy" oops!) After the nail stamping, I used a dotting tool to fill-in the pattern's center circles with OPI Catch Me In Your Net (a gorgeous teal glitter). Add a good top coat.. and... PEACOCK!! :)

Well, hope you all have a good Saturday! I'm sure I'll be inspired by something fun/unusual tomorrow, so, until then!! Toodles!! :)

marble colors: Wet 'N Wild Sage in the City, Wet 'N Wild Teal or No Teal, & Confetti Centerstage
stamp color: Konad Special Black
accent color: OPI Catch Me in Your Net
image plate: Bundle Monster BM-212

♥ Stacey


  1. Oh! this is really gorgeous! I love this peacock pattern!!!!!

  2. Teach me how to make the awesome peacock and marbles =D

  3. Thanks!
    I have a water marble photo tutorial that I will try to upload to my blog. :)