Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not Ready for the Week to Begin

Hello all!

Well, I decided to post another entry today, since I'll be back at the office tomorrow... and I'm not sure what my "blogger" routine will be during the work week. :)

So, today I bought 2 new polishes! "Hooray" for drug stores finds!! I went out on a mission to find a pretty pink, that would work with my nail stamping. I love the way that Sally Hansen Silver Sweep (from the Insta-Dri collection) works for stamping... so I picked Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Presto Pink. Beautiful color!! It worked so well as a stamp & the color is so pretty... that I chose to use it as tonight's pedi! I usually only do my toes once every 4-6 weeks, so I really have to like a color to use it as a pedicure! :)
Sorry about the foot pic... haha! I had already finished my mani with different colors, but I had to use this color! :)

Anyway... my 2nd find was Wet 'N Wild Garden Hose. The name cracked me up! In the bottle, it is a really pretty, medium mint color. I don't have any minty green colors, yet, so I was excited with this one. When I got it home, I was kinda disappointed. It was very streaky! There is no way that it would cover in less than 3+ coats! Boo! Thankfully, I tested it on 1 nail, so when it wasn't opaque in 3 coats, I wiped it off & took an alternate route. Undies!! :)

I am a firm believer in nail polish "undies," that is, using a solid white or nude color under your polish to help even it out, and hide what some polish bloggers refer to as the "VNL"- visible nail line. You can also use a matching cream color. This is an especially good practice when doing a water marbling mani, so your marble doesn't look washed-out.  

So, I painted my accent nails with 1 coat of white, followed by 2 coats of Wet 'N Wild Garden Hose. On my other nails, I chose OPI Rumple's Wiggin, a very light, baby purple.
Now, onto the nail stamping (and the reason I wanted to find the "perfect pink"). I figured that purple plaid would tie the mani together. I knew that OPI Rumple's Wiggin would be too light as a stamp, so I tried OPI Do You Lilac It? I didn't take a pic, but I didn't think it was dark enough to notice, so I opted for OPI Planks A Lot (from OPI's new 'Pirates of the Caribbean' collection). It's still pretty light... but, I don't have any darker purple creams, so it'll have to work! On top of the plaid, I used my new Sally Hansen Presto Pink to stamp some cute, little flowers! :)
Whew... lighting on this pic is weird, but I wanted to try to get the plaid. (Click to enlarge.)

I've ordered some tiny, nail art rhinestones... so, hopefully, next time I use these cute little flowers, I can place a bit of sparkle in the center!!

Anyway... g'night all! I'll see ya when I see ya!! :)

base colors: OPI Rumple's Wiggin, Wet 'N Wild Garden Hose, Sally Hansen Presto Pink
stamp colors: OPI Planks A Lot, Sally Hansen Presto Pink
image plate: Konad m60

♥ Stacey

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