Thursday, July 7, 2011

Water Marble Photo Tutorial

A couple months ago, I created a water marble photo album for my personal Facebook page. I have decided to upload the pics to my blog!! Photo heavy!! Enjoy! :)

Here's what you'll need: (l-r)  base coat, toothpicks (or an orange stick), Scotch tape, small cup of ROOM TEMPERATURE water, 2-5 polishes, top coat, nail polish remover, cotton swabs, & clean fingernails! :)

Start with a good base coat... so ya don't stain your nails. :)
(My pinkie is still kinda blue 'cause I forgot to use a base coat on it a couple weeks ago. Meh.)

Now for a base color. Do this 'cause the colors will look washed out without it.

You can use nude or white... but I use the lightest of the colors I'm gonna marble... it's just easier. :)

Now... tape off your skin. (This keeps the polish off your fingers & makes clean-up a heck of a lot easier!)

Start with one piece at the base of the nail, just under the cuticle.

With a 2nd piece... wrap from one side of your finger, around the tip of the finger, and down the other side.

Get as close to the nail as you can.

(the other side)

My taped-up fingers. :)

(You can do one at a time, if you prefer.)

Now the fun part!!!

Drip 1 drop of polish in the cup of water. Get kind of close to the water, without actually touching the surface. If it drips from to high up... it will bead up and sink to bottom of the cup.

The polish will spread out to cover the surface.

Continue dripping the other colors.

1 drop per color, 1 color at a time.

It will start to look like a bullseye.

I used 3 drips each.

Pink-purple-blue... pink-purple-blue... pink-purple-blue

Use the end of a toothpick to lightly pull the polish into your marble design.

I like to do a flower design. :)

Now, find a part of your design that you like and dip your taped nail right into it. Keep your nail flat, until your finger is completely in the water.

While keeping your finger under the water... use a toothpick to swirl around the surface of the water. This way you can "catch" the leftover polish on the toothpick & avoid "double-dipping" the nail & messing it up.

(Couldn't take a pic of me cleaning the surface... as one hand was in the water & one hand had the camera. LOL!)

Dipped nail!! (pre-clean-up... of course.)

Keep on truckin' with your other nails...

I just thought this one was pretty. ;-)


(Once you get more practice... you can do 2+ nails in the water at once)

For this hand... I dipped the middle & thumb together, the pinkie & ring finger together, and the index finger alone.

Carefully, peel off the tape.

After all the tape is gone... before the final clean-up. :)

Use cotton swabs dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the polish around the cuticles.

(I like to put my remover in a shot glass... LOL!)

Don't forget to clean-up the under-side of the nails... 'cause they'll be swirly too. :)

The aftermath!!

 Don't forget to use a top coat... to protect all of your hard work!!

(I use Seche Vite... it is the BEST EVER!! It stays super-shiny, you can put it on while your polish is still tacky, and it is DRY in about 5 mins!!! ♥ )

♥ The End ♥
♥ Stacey


  1. I want to try this, I'm just afraid I'll screw it up! Thanks for the pics- I feel more confident now!

  2. It's actually really easy! Just remember... "practice makes perfect!" Have fun! :)

  3. This is wonderful tutorial Stacey! Just perfect, I wish I had read this before my first marbling attempt :D it would have saved me a ton of time. Your flower pattern is spot on too!

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